We build fully customized software solution for product based sales and service management with SMS and EMAIL Integration.

Features that software contains are as below:

(1) Sales CRM (Customer Relationship Management):

Complete Sales Inquiry and Follow up management.

Register list of companies and their inquiry regarding to products

Complete tracking of Previous Follow-ups of company to know their Deal success status.

There are Sales-CRM Reports with different criteria.

(2)Service CRM (Customer Relationship Management):

This is the most important part of the software

It deals with Customer Management (like AMCs and Complains.)

In this part user registers the AMC contracts of customers using serial management with SMS and EMAIL facility.

In the Complain part, user registers the complains of existing customer with different criteria as well as new customers and customer will get the notification message of registered complains.

There will be list of unassigned complains so, user will assign technicians to registered complains with different criteria.

Complain closing module with different criteria(like paid status, technician description, parts usability etc..)

There are CRM Reports with different criteria